Hello Dog Lovers!

KC Dog Club is excited to announce the KCDC 2015 Awards and Brunch on January 31st, 10am at Blue Moose Bar and Grill in Prairie Village, KS!

PLEASE VOTE – www.kcdogclub.com/vote

RSVP – www.meetup.com/KCDogClub/events/227758914/

Kansas City Dog Club will be giving the following awards:

For Human Members (selected by organizers) – Best in Show, Host with the Most, Bark Ambassador, Like Dog/Like Owner
For Canine Members (selected by organizers) – Most Bounce for the Ounce, Can I Pet Your Dog?, Like Dog/Like Owner
• Best events, trails, hiking locations, and charities (voted by all members) – VOTE NOWwww.kcdogclub.com/vote

Even if you cannot attend, or you haven’t been a member very long, you can still vote – and your vote is VERY important.

See you all soon!

Travis Pflanz