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The Most Fun Things to Do with Your Dog in Kansas City

The Kansas City Dog Club is a social club for dogs and humans. We’re a fun mix of people from all over Kansas City who explore everything the city has to offer with our dogs right by our sides. Members of the Kansas City Dog Club love to do everything with their dogs whether it’s having a beer at one of Kansas City’s many local breweries or simply going for a walk along the riverfront. Here are the Kansas City Dog Club members’ favorite fun things to do with our dogs in Kansas City. Of course, this list doesn’t cover…

The Best Dog-Related Volunteer Opportunities in Kansas City

Kansas City Dog Club is a social club for dog lovers. We’re not an animal rights activist group. We are not a dog rescue group. We’re all about being social. We keep it simple and fun. That said, KC Dog Club and our members love to support all the Kansas City organizations who are out there every day saving the lives of dogs and helping families in need keep their 4-legged family members happy and healthy. Many KC Dog Club members regularly volunteer with great Kansas City organizations – here are Kansas City Dog Club members’ favorite dog-related volunteer opportunities…

2016 Kansas City Dog Club Awards

The Kansas City Dog Club awards is our club’s way of recognizing and saying thank you to all the dog parks, hiking trails, dog-related organizations, and businesses that help make the Kansas City metro area great for dogs and their human friends. This is the 2nd year Kansas City Dog Club has hosted an awards bunch to honor Kansas City’s best in doggie-fun for the previous calendar year. Club members nominated their favorite locations, events and businesses. Nominees were trimmed down to the top 3-5 in each category. Members then voted for the best in each category. In addition to…

1st Annual Barksgiving Day Hike with Kansas City Dog Club

Dog Friendly Spots to Play Pokémon GO in Kansas City

Now that we know the basics of how to play Pokémon GO with your dog, we’ve got to get out in the world and explore. Kansas City is a prime city for playing Pokémon GO. Here’s a quick look at the best spots to play Pokémon GO in Kansas City with your dog. Country Club Plaza 4750 Broadway St, Kansas City, MO 64112  Oh, the Plaza. It is easily everyone’s favorite place in Kansas City to play Pokémon GO for so many reasons. Though there is not a specific Pokémon nest on the Plaza you will usually find something fun…

The Beginner’s Guide to Playing Pokémon GO with your Dog: Part 1

Part 1: The Basics of PokéHunting with your Pooch This weekend the Kansas City Dog Club packed our dogs in the car, headed out to one of Kansas City’s beautiful parks at Longview Lake and played Pokémon GO with the pups. Your dog is the perfect partner to play Pokemon GO with: they LOVE to walk outside with you. What you need for playing Pokémon GO with your dog (besides a device with the app): Dog. It doesn’t even have to be your own (wanna walk one of mine?) Leash. Bonus points if the leash is long enough so you can loop…

Celebrate National Trails Day 2016 with Kansas City Dog Club

Kansas City Dog Club is excited to announce that we will be hosting four short hikes on Kansas City, MO trails in celebration of National Trails Day on June 4th. 10am – Cave Spring Trail at William M. Klein Park 1pm – Fox Hollow Trail at Lakeside Nature Center 5pm – Wagon Trail loop of the Blue Parkway Trails 7:30pm – Jerry Smith Park Trail All Kansas City Dog Club hikes are free to attend. You can join the Kansas City Dog Club – membership is free, or you can join us on National Trails Day without becoming a member –…

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