The dog park is all the way at the back of the park, over the bridge behind the basketball courts.

We’ll let the dogs romp for a while in the dog park, then around 6:30 we will walk south along the paved trail looking for geocaches! Dogs will need to be on leash for the walk. 

What is geocaching? Well, it’s kind of a virtual meets reality treasure hunt. There are millions of “caches” hidden around the world for people to find. You use GPS coordinates, or phone apps, to know the general locations for the items. These are real, physical items that you can search for…some are very clever, some are extremely frustrating, some are multiple steps. We’ll start off with some single (hopefully easy!) caches to get the hang of it…and talk about some of the caching ‘rules’…you don’t ever take the cache itself, but there may be treasures inside of it including a log for you to sign. Here is a quick guide!

There are many phone apps now that you can use for geocaching, I use Geocaching, by Groundspeak. They have a free version for both Android and iPhone. 

Android app –

iPhone app –

It is not required that you download the app, but you certainly can if you are interested and want to follow along with the GPS and clues. The apps just get you close to the hidden items, once you are within about 10 feet, you really need to put the phone away and start looking, just a keen eye and a little sense of adventure!

DOGS LOVE GEOCACHING!! They have no idea what you are doing…but are enjoying time outside with YOU! And they love to celebrate with you when you finally find the cache!!

WARNING…this can be addicting! 😉

Direct link to location on Google Maps –

Leawoof Dog Park website –

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