We will be in the large dog area of the dog park.


Opened in August 2012, Swope Park Off-Leash Area was KC Parks second dog park. It is located within the largest park in Kansas City’s system, Swope Park, just east of Lakeside Nature Center on Gregory Boulevard.

The dog park sits on five acres, divided into two areas–one for smaller and one for larger dogs. Pups under 30 pounds (or elderly or handicapped dogs) have one-acre fenced off while big dogs have four full acres. Both areas have dog/people water fountains.

More park info – kcparks.org/park/swope-park-off-leash-area/

Direct link to meeting spot on Google Maps – goo.gl/maps/rcevcufzhRB2

If you have a KC Dog Club shirt or jacket, be sure to wear it!

Feel free to bring guests! Just RSVP with +1, +2, +3, etc.