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Dog Walk, BBQ, Potluck for Memorial Day

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Updated October 22nd, 2017 | Originally published May 11, 2017

Plan is to meet at Eric’s at 4pm then go for walk on nearby Tomahawk Creek trail for 30 or 45 min. After the walk we will return to Eric’s and fire up the grill, have some drinks and relax in the back deck.

Eric will provide grilled chicken as main course for all and both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drink options. Feel free to bring a side dish or dessert to share. If you have a specific drink preference, feel free to bring that as well.

The backyard has 4ft high fence so that should cover all but the big dogs.

Eric’s cell 913-406-2152
Nearest cross streets are Quivira and 139th St.

This get-together is limited to 12 attendees.

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