The Seeing Eye is partnering with Moblins for Matt to host a fundraiser at “Bar K” in Kansas City, MO. The Seeing Eye® is a philanthropic organization whose mission is to enhance the independence, dignity and self-confidence of blind people through the use of specially trained Seeing Eye dogs. Since being founded in 1929, The Seeing Eye has provided over 17,000 guide dogs to blind men and women. Moblins for Matt is an organization that began in 2016 that specializes in fundraising through gaming and live streaming events.

The “Gotta Fetch’em All” fundraising event on November 16th has been planned around the release of two brand new Nintendo Pokémon games – Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! Guests will have the chance to play these games at the event.

As always, this will be free for Bar K Members; for Guests, it will be $10 for your first dog, $5 for each additional dog in your pack. Humans without dogs are always welcome for free!

For this event, we’ll be meeting in the large dog park section to the right by the box car! Bar K is quite large, with lots of different areas, so please be sure that if you want to hang with us as a club we’ll be meeting in the large dog park section specifically.

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What your RSVP Means: Please do not RSVP until you are certain you are going to be able to make it to this event. Since we are meeting in such an expansive establishment, your RSVP also means that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR FINDING THE GROUP. Simply being in Bar K at the same time that we are there does not constitute meeting up with the group. You will be marked as a no-show if you do not check in with the event host and the rest of the group.

Members are welcome to bring guests, just as them as +1, +2, +3, etc when you RSVP.