Let’s bring our pups along while we hunt for Pokémon at Longivew Lake Shelter #14.

Longview Lake’s Shelter #14 is a newly discovered Pokémon GO hot spot, with lots of uncommon and rare Pokémon popping up all day and all night. 

Whether you’re an avid Pokémon GO player or just getting your feet wet, join other KC Dog Club Pokémon GO trainers and try to catch ’em all at Shelter #14. Share Pokémon GO strategies, ask questions, and enjoy the company of other KC Dog Club Pokémon GO trainers.

If your pup isn’t a PokéHunting fan, feel free to leave the pooch at home, and come on out. If you want to walk the dog, but not PokéHunt, come on out!

Bring all your Pokémon GO trainer friends and their pooches, just add them as a +1, +2, +3, etc on your RSVP.

We’ll scour the Shelter +14 area around Longview Lake hunting Pokémon for about an hour as a group. Travis, along with input from the other PokéHunting addicts, will set the walking route on the fly.

NOTE – There is only one PokéStop at Shelter #14. To get the most out of this PokéAdventure, make sure to arrive with a full bag of Poké Balls ready to throw.

Google Maps link to Meeting Location – goo.gl/maps/KD6Dcra7hp42

YOUR RSVP – If you RSVP YES, but your plans change, please update your RSVP to NO. New members who no-show for their first event & established members who no-show twice will be removed from KC Dog Club.


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