Hi everyone – I’m looking forward to seeing you on Sunday! Please bring the following to the workshop:

-high value treats such as hot dogs, cheese, or meatballs

-treat bag (traditional treat bag, nail belt, or fanny pack will do)

-buckle, snap, or martingale collar (no prong collars or choke chains allowed)

-4-6′ leash (no retractables allowed)

-harnesses or head halters are encouraged

This is a FREE mini-workshop, presented by Jamie Eaton of Lewis & Clark Canine Coaching

Loose Leash Walking Mini-Workshop (FREE)

This 1-hour mini-workshop provides you with a toolbox to teach polite walking behavior.  We will focus on: walking management tools, attention skills (key to loose-leash walking success), reinforcing polite walking behavior, and what to do if your dog forges ahead of you.

Prior training is not required, but strongly encouraged to get full benefit of workshop. Your dog should be responsive to their name and able to sit on cue. Dogs should be comfortable around unfamiliar people and dogs. 

Google Maps link to Meeting Location – goo.gl/maps/zWpu18dLTiA2

We will be meeting at the Loose Park picnic shelter, then moving to a location that is better for training.

NOTE – This workshop is limited to 8 attendees, and 1 dog per attendee. If you RSVP YES, but your plans change, please update your RSVP to NO so another member may attend.

Upcoming Classes from Lewis & Clark Canine Coaching

Book your class, workshop, or private training  – book.pocketsuite.io/book/dDCo

Leash Manners, 7/25 & 9/26 – 75 minute workshop that focuses on walking management tools, attention skills, and reinforcing polite walking behavior.

No Jumping, 8/1 & 8/29 – 75 minute workshop that focuses on why dogs jump, how to react when your dog jumps, and teaching alternate behaviors.

Reactive Dog Seminar, 8/8 & 9/12 – This 75 minute seminar discusses reactivity such as barking, lunging, and growling. It identifies motivation behind the behavior, calming techniques, and management techniques. This seminar is for humans only, No Dogs.

Coming When Called, 8/15 & 9/20 – 75 minute workshop designed to train a consistent recall. Focus: establishing a recall cue, review why dogs don’t come when called, and exercises to practice recall skills.

Basic Manners Class, 8/24 & 10/12 – Learn basic skills to help your dog understand your household rules/expectations. Focus on: attention skills, sit, down, stay, touch, loose leash walking, and coming when called.

Advanced Manners, 8/24 – 6 week class that meets at area parks to practice training skills in a real life environment. Focus on: attention skills, impulse control, leash skills, and coming when called.

Nosework, 9/13 – 75 minute introductory workshop to nose work. Designed to develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt, love of toys, food, and exercise. Focus on basic nose work skills and how to gradually increase and challenge your dog.

Novice Tricks, 10/12 – 6 week class includes fun tricks as well as foundations for more advanced trick training. Instructor is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor. Prior training required; completion of a Basic Manners class or equivalent.

Book your class, workshop or private training – book.pocketsuite.io/book/dDCo


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