Let’s take a day-trip to Weston, MO for a National Trails Day hike (or dog park get-together), then head to Pirtle Winery in downtown Weston.

For the Dog Parkers – We’ll meet at the Weston Bend State Park Dog Park at 2pm. 

Lauren Caldwell will be the club organizer at the dog park.

Google Maps link to the dog park – goo.gl/maps/t1NUhVTw2VM2

Weston Bend State Park Dog Park – mostateparks.com/location/62778/dog-park


For the Hikers – We’ll meet at the Weston Bend State Park Overlook at 2:15pm.

Travis Pflanz will be the club organizer on the hike.

Google Maps link to the overlook – goo.gl/maps/QzptVC7L6tC2

This is a legit hike. If you’re not in good shape, expect to be huffin’ pretty good. This hike is about 1.5 hours.

Weston Bend State Park – mostateparks.com/park/weston-bend-state-park

After the hike, we will stop at the dog park and gather our pack…


For the Winers – We will then head to Pirtle Winery for wine and wine slushies on their awesome vine-covered patio.

Pritle Winery – www.pirtlewinery.com/
Address – 502 Spring St, Weston, MO 64098
Google Maps link to Pirtle Winery – goo.gl/maps/u9qzCvXDBb32



From The Plaza in Kansas City, Weston Bend State Park is about an hour drive.

If you’re interested in carpooling, discuss it in the comments section below. There’s likely someone who wants to ride with you or give you a ride.


NOTES – This is a hike in the woods, so prepare however you need. We recommend: water for your dog, bug spray for you, insect replant for your dog

OFF-LEASH – As a group, KC Dog Club does not require dogs to be kept on-leash, however, you (alone) are responsible for your dog, the actions of your dog, and any fines you may receive for your dog being off-leash.

YOUR RSVP – Please arrive on time. We won’t wait for anyone who doesn’t post in the comments that they’re running late

Feel free to bring guests! Just RSVP with +1, +2, +3, etc.