Ok guys, if you’ve been in the club longer than 2 minutes you KNOW that I’m the queen of taking doggy pictures. Like to the point that it’s borderline obnoxious…but hey, someone’s gotta do it! Anything for the ‘gram right?! So I figured, maybe it’s time to dedicate an entire event to just taking pictures of our puppers! Who’s with me??

Here’s the game plan:
(1) Meet at the gorgeous Kauffman Legacy Park (not to be confused with the Kauffman Memorial Garden which is just across the street)

(2) Have a brief chat about tips and tricks I’ve found useful in my amateur dog photography career (10-15 min)

(3) Set you wild animals loose to snap as many pics of your pooch as humanly possible!

(4) Laugh, probably fall on our butts trying to get the perfect angle, repeat.

So, just to clarify/recap. This event is purely for having some fun snapping pics of our pups. We will not be going on a walk per se. We’ll meander around the park for sure, but it won’t be a structured “dog walk.” All you need to bring to this event is a phone with a camera or an actual camera (do those still exist?) Haha…kidding..kind of.

YOUR RSVP – Please do not RSVP until you are 100% positive you will be able to attend. If you RSVP YES, but your plans change, please update your RSVP to NO. New members who no-show for their first event & established members who no-show twice will be removed from KC Dog Club.

Feel free to bring guests! Just RSVP with +1, +2, +3, etc.

Wear your KC Dog Club gear! If you don’t have any, get it here – kcdogclub.com/shop