Kansas City Dog Club Event Details

Craig Lublow has invited KC Dog Club to join the Kansas City Area Sierra Club Outings group on their dog-friendly hike Saturday morning at Shawnee Mission Park.

KC Sierra Club will be setting the route for this hike, and all KC Dog Club attendees are asked to follow the directions and instructions of the Sierra Club event host. This includes keeping your dog on-leash in areas that require dogs to be on leash.

As well, Sierra Club has asked that we limit our number of attendees. Please do not RSVP unless you are sure you will attend.

Craig Lublow is the point of contact for KC Dog Club members. Send Craig a message if you have any questions, here – www.meetup.com/KCDogClub/members/185168981/

Meet at 8:45am at Shelter #10 at Shawnee Mission Park.

Please arrive on time, since we are joining another group.

Google Maps directions to meeting spot at shelter #10 – goo.gl/maps/tApCST21bNK2

Shawnee Mission Park website – jcprd.com/parks_facilities/shawnee_mission.cfm

Shawnee Mission Park map .pdf – jcprd.com/park_admin/pdf/smp-map.pdf


From Sierra Club’s event description:

Dog-Friendly Hike at Shawnee Mission Park, Lenexa, KS

Sierra Club event page – www.meetup.com/KC-Sierra-Club-Outings/events/231833805/

Bring your dog for a short fun summer hike and splash.  We’ll meet in the parking lot at Shelter 10 and hike east to the off-leash area and stop by the dog beach before returning to the parking lot. Please be sure to bring sunscreen and extra water, given typical July conditions and the fact that the off-leash area is generally unshaded. 

Dogs will need to be leashed on the parts of the trail that are not within the off-leash area.  Please bring extra water or anything else you need to keep your pet hydrated and comfortable.

Participation limits for this trip are based on the number of humans, so to allow more of them to participate, please don’t list your pet as a guest.  🙂

During the sign-in process all participants on Sierra Club outings are required to sign a standard liability waiver. If you would like to read the Liability Waiver before you choose to participate in an outing, please click here.


YOUR RSVP – If you RSVP YES, but your plans change, please update your RSVP to NO. New members who no-show for their first event & established members who no-show twice will be removed from KC Dog Club.


Become a KC Dog Club Sponsoring Member

Sponsoring Members make a small $20 donation to KC Dog Club, which helps support various group activities and incidental needs. If you’re interested in becoming a Sponsoring Member or making any size of donation to support the group, get details here – www.kcdogclub.com/sponsoring-membership/