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Members Only Facebook Group

If you’re not already a member, be sure to join the ALL NEW members only Facebook group here – www.facebook.com/groups/kcdogclub/ – NOTE: If you name on Facebook is different than it is here, send Travis or Lauren a message so we know it’s you requesting to join the FB group.

This group is a great way to quickly share dog related info, ask questions, and quickly schedule an impromptu get-together outside of the official Club calendar.

What is KC Dog Club? A Meetup OR a Club?

Good question!

We’ve been hearing this question a lot lately.

KC Dog Club is an independent social club for dog lovers. Simply, we use meetup.com as a tool for the club. We use meetup to find new members, manage our events calendar, and to manage membership.

KC Dog Club is much better than a “normal” Meetup 🙂

This Week in KC Dog Club – this week’s events

Become a KC Dog Club Sponsoring Member!

Sponsoring Members make a small $20 donation to KC Dog Club, which helps support various group activities and incidental needs. If you’re interested in becoming a Sponsoring Member or making any size of donation to support the group, get details here –www.kcdogclub.com/donate/

Welcome KCDC’s newest members

Take a moment to visit our new members’ profiles and send them a “welcome to the club” message.

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