Kansas City’s Most Adoptable Dogs

In Kansas City Dog Club, we keep it light. Our goal is to have fun and socialize with our dogs and other dog lovers.

When we’re not playing with our own pooches, many Kansas City Dog Club members regularly volunteer walking and fostering dogs with Kansas City’s great shelters and rescue groups all across the Kansas City metro area.

Adopt KC Dog Club’s favorite Kansas City area pooches

In no specific order, here are the favorite adoptable dogs in Kansas City, according to KC Dog Club members.

Daisy, available for adoption through Min Pins & More Rescue, Inc

Daisy, available for adoption through Min Pins More

Daisy is Jennifer Estrada‘s favorite special needs gal! Daisy is a great companion dog and sweet girl, but needs a stable environment.

Contact Min Pins & More to adopt Daisy

Daisy is finally ready for adoption through Min Pins & More Rescue, Inc.!

Our best guess is that she is somewhere between 8 and 10 years old, a mini Aussie mix, and blind. While she can follow bright lights, new environments are extremely scary and her transition will take lots and lots of patience. She navigates her foster home and the yard (with two steps down) just fine. She enjoys chewing on bones, chasing imaginary friends in the yard, rolling in snow, and highly depends on her kennel for a safe space. Daisy also is cat and dog friendly as long as they ignore her. Any quick movements and fast approaches can startle her and she will snap or show teeth out of fear. Because of this, we do not recommend small children or a rambunctious home. Routine, memorization, and sound cues will be essential for her to thrive in a new place. Very food motivated – she had some pounds to lose initially and is at healthy weight in the middle 30s. Kennel trained. Up to date on vaccines, heartworm prevention, and flea/tick meds.

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Rusty, available for adoption through KC Pet Project

Rusty, available for adoption at KC Pet Project

Rusty is Alyana Rasmussen‘s foster pup… and he’s almost ready for a fur-ever home!

Meet Rusty! He is a 13 week old mixed breed puppy that was seized from a cruelty situation.

Three weeks ago he was a scared little puppy, but now he’s as happy as could be. He’s still timid around strangers, but he’s more than happy to bark at his foster mom during play time, which is usually followed by a nap on her lap.

He absolutely loves playing with other dogs and shows no fear around the bigger ones. He enjoys going for walks, fetch and squeaky toys. Ice cubes are his favorite though, and he provides endless entertainment when chasing them across the floor! He keeps his kennel clean and knows how to sit for his leash. He’s a very smart little boy, but he needs a family that will be patient with him and teach him how to trust.

Rusty will be neutered on July 30th, and will be up for adoption. If you’d like to add this sweet little boy to your family, please contact KC Pet Project and fill out an application!


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