Kansas City Dog Club Membership

Kansas City Dog ClubHow to Become a Kansas City Dog Club Member

KC Dog Club is an active and fun-loving group of pups and humans. We get together to socialize and share the love for our dogs.

Joining KC Dog Club

Membership Guidelines & Requirements

  • KC Dog Club uses Meetup.com to manage membership – www.meetup.com/KCDogClub/ – Members must answer all membership questions.
  • Upload a photo of yourself that includes your face (with only 1 person in the photo – YOU. Even better, with your dog). We meet in person, so we need to know who to look for, right? 🙂
  • If you RSVP YES for an event, but your plans change, update you RSVP to NO. We try to wait for all YESes before staring walks, hikes, and events
  • If you are a “no-show” for an event, an organizer will ask to talk with you before you RSVP to another event
  • KCDC is off-leash friendly, however, all KC area cities have laws requiring dogs to be on-leash. Each member is solely responsible for their own dog at all times
  • Avoid using a retractable leash. They’re bad news and result in tangled messes… We have plenty of extra leashes, if you need one

Kansas City Dog Club offers two types of membership

Active Membership

In addition to the guidelines above, the following guidelines pertain to Active Members:

  • Take a look at the KC Dog Club calendar – www.meetup.com/KCDogClub/events/ – and find an upcoming event you plan to attend. New members must commit to attending a KC Dog Club event before approval, and must attend at least one KCDC event within one month of membership approval.
  • An organizer will review your profile and send you a private message on Meetup (make sure you have the Meetup app installed or your email notifications are turned on). Once you reply to the organizer’s follow-up questions, your KC Dog Club membership will be approved
  • Active Members who do not attend an event for a 3 month span will be offered the opportunity to convert to a Sponsor Member, or to be removed from the group.
  • Members who are removed may rejoin at any time

Join as Active Member

Sponsoring Membership

A Sponsoring Membership is great for individuals who want to help support Kansas City Dog Club, but do not have enough time to regularly attend KC Dog Club events.

In addition to the guidelines above, the following guidelines pertain to Sponsoring Members:

  • Sponsoring Members donate $20 or more per year to Kansas City Dog Club.
  • Sponsoring Members may attend events as often or as little as they like.
  • Sponsoring Members do not have event attendance requirements.
  • Sponsoring dollars will be used to pay for KC Dog Club incidentals and to pay for a portion of KC Dog Club events.
  • All funds are spent at the sole discretion of the organizers.
  • Donations are non-refundable.

Donate $20 or more to become a Sponsoring Member

Make Sponsoring Donation



KC Dog Club Events

Kansas City Dog Club’s goal is to host 8+ events each month – a walk during a week night, and a dog-park day or hike during a weekend day.

In addition to a weekly walk and weekend events, we regularly schedule these types of events
• Dog walks all throughout the city
• Hikes on Kansas City’s great paved and wooded trails
• Dog Park Days at great off-leash parks all over the city
• Potlucks at members’ homes, with fenced in yards for the pooches to play
• We attend dog-related organization charity events as a group
• Brunches, lunches, and dinners with the dogs
• We attend pretty much every dog-related festival around Kansas City

Each KC Dog Club event will have a single host. The event host is designated on the event page. Look to the event host for leadership, and to address all questions during the event – on walks and hikes, the event host sets the route.

All members are welcome to share dog-related events with the group and members may host KC Dog Club events – if you don’t see an event that fits your schedule… We will help you create one!