Sponsoring Membership

Sponsoring Members donate $25+ per year to support KC Dog Club operations. Becoming a Sponsoring Member is a great way to show your appreciation for Kansas City Dog Club and support various costs for operating Kansas City Dog Club.

Due every year

Sponsoring Members make a $25+ donation per year.

Sponsoring Membership is perfect for the out-of-town dog lover and the dog lover who is simply too busy to commit to attending club events regularly - but still wants to be a KC Dog Club member and support the club.

We created the Sponsoring Membership for 4 groups of dog-lovers:

  • Without dogs
  • Not in the KC area
  • Want to help support the club
  • Cannot commit to attending a get-together once every 6 months

As a Sponsoring Member, you will receive:

  • A "Sponsoring Member" title on your member profile page
  • KC Dog Club will share your sponsorship via newsletter and social media
  • You are not required to attend one event every six months

As a Sponsoring Member, your donation will be used for a wide variety of expenses and events.

Sponsoring Membership donations are used for:

  • Website and management fees for this website
  • group management fees
  • Giveaway and raffle items
  • Donation items for dog charity events
  • Occasional appetizers and/or beverages at club events
  • Event fees
  • Advertising fees
  • Incidentals
  • and more