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Kansas City Dog Club

Sponsoring Membership is a great way to show your appreciation for Kansas City Dog Club and support various costs for the operation of Kansas City Dog Club.


Sponsoring Membership is available for current Kansas City Dog Club members and any dog lover who is not currently a Kansas City Dog Club Member.

Sponsoring Members make a $20+ donation per year.

As a Sponsoring Member, you will receive a "Sponsoring Member" title on your member profile page, KC Dog Club will share your sponsorship via newsletter and social media, and you will not be required to attend an event within your first month of membership or attend one event every three months, thereafter.

Sponsoring Membership is perfect for the out-of-town dog lover and the dog lover who is simply too busy to commit to attending club events regularly - but still wants to be a KC Dog Club member and support the club.

As a Sponsoring Member, your donation will be used a wide variety of expenses and events.

Sponsoring Membership donations are used for:

  • Website fees
  • group fees
  • Advertising fees
  • Incidentals
  • Event fees
  • and more

Become a Sponsoring Member


  • Funds donated by Sponsoring Members will be spent at the discretion of Kansas City Dog Club organizers
  • Sponsoring Members are still required to adhere to all aspects of Kansas City Dog Club membership guidelines, other than the attendance guidelines.
  • A Sponsoring Membership is a sponsorship for an individual, not a business. If you are interested in a sponsorship as a business, please send us an email.

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