Hello Dog Lovers,

I love writing long weekly emails… This means KC Dog Club is active and growing!

Getting to know new members

KC Dog Club is continually growing, and that’s great for our group. As it is warming up, our weekly walks are drawing more and more walkers. When we have a really large group of walkers, we may skip introductions – please introduce yourself to members you do not know.

Get to know each other a little before the walk – if you remember when you joined KC Dog Club, we asked you to tell us something interesting about yourself on your profile.

I highly recommend taking a look through event attendees, find something interesting, then ask members more about it!

Right of way on walks and hikes

As it warms up outside, we will be encountering more walkers, hikers, jogger, bikers, equestrians, etc. on our walks and hikes.

KCDC will ALWAYS give the right of way to anyone who is not in our group.

On walks through the plaza and on paved trails – make sure you keep control of your dog on a short leash and move to the right side of the sidewalk or off the paved trail into the grass.

On hikes, step off the trail and wait for others to pass – and make sure your dog does the same. If you are not sure that your dog will follow your direction, it is probably a good idea to keep your dog on leash.

This week’s KC Dog Club events

• Monday afternoon – Volunteer at Spay & Neuter Food Pantry Day. Details & RSVP – www.meetup.com/KCDogClub/events/228951616/
• Monday evening – Get-together and dodgeball supporting Wayside Waifs. Details & RSVP – www.meetup.com/KCDogClub/events/227894565/
• Thursday evening – Dog walk on the Plaza. RSVP – www.meetup.com/KCDogClub/events/228584056/
• Saturday morning – Pre-hike breakfast. RSVP – www.meetup.com/KCDogClub/events/228731640/
• Saturday morning – Hike at Unity Village. RSVP – www.meetup.com/KCDogClub/events/228731764/
• Sunday morning – Hike on the Wagon Trail. RSVP – www.meetup.com/KCDogClub/events/228686948/

St. Patrick’s Parade in Brookside

Kansas City Dog Club will walk in the Brookside St. Patrick’s parade on March 12th. I would LOVE if we could get 25+ dogs walking in the parade – so invite all your friends and family! – they don’t have to be a KCDC member. They don’t even need to own a dog. We need people to carry the parade banner and hand out club info.

Details – www.meetup.com/KCDogClub/events/228711571/

KC Dog Club 2 Year Anniversary – March 9th!

Let’s get together over cocktails and celebrate the Kansas City Dog Club 2 year anniversary!

Details and RSVP – www.meetup.com/KCDogClub/events/228782337/

A big THANK YOU to our newest Sponsoring Members!

• Laura Weeks
• Terri Lancaster

Sponsoring Members make a small $20 donation to KC Dog Club, which helps support various group activities and incidental needs. If you’re interested in becoming a Sponsoring Member or making any size of donation to support the group, get details here –www.kcdogclub.com/donate/

See you all soon!

Travis Pflanz