Now that we know the basics of how to play Pokémon GO with your dog, we’ve got to get out in the world and explore. Kansas City is a prime city for playing Pokémon GO. Here’s a quick look at the best spots to play Pokémon GO in Kansas City with your dog.

Country Club Plaza

4750 Broadway St, Kansas City, MO 64112 

Oh, the Plaza. It is easily everyone’s favorite place in Kansas City to play Pokémon GO for so many reasons. Though there is not a specific Pokémon nest on the Plaza you will usually find something fun to catch (hello Snorlax, Dragonite, Charizard). There are three gyms (in front of Starbucks, Sheraton Hotel and the big Fountain). These are heavily battled gyms but if you like a challenge, go for it. You do you, boo.

Bringing your dog to the Plaza is a fairly easy task and usually enjoyable for everyone. Most shops are dog-friendly and keep water bowls outside. There’s even a place to buy dog treats and accessories called Three Dog Bakery. The Kansas City Dog Club has stopped there a few times during our Plaza walks. You can get everything there from two-for-one dog treats, neck ties for your pooch and even a peanut butter doggie cake (totally not a paid endorsement, we just really like Three Dog Bakery).

One of the downsides of the Plaza is that there are lots of people walking around. Be aware of the people near your dog. If your dog isn’t cool with people or maybe a little too cool (hello jumpers) it’s best to keep an eye on your pooch. Know your dog’s people and children comfort level and be prepared to intervene if necessary.

Though the Plaza is very people and dog-friendly there are still those pesky things called roads and cars. Most drivers are courteous and aware of their surroundings but watch for the jerks who like to speed through the area.


  • Plenty of water bowls throughout the area
  • Pupcakes at Three Dog Bakery
  • ALL THE Pokémon


  • Lots of people and children
  • Goose poop along Brush Creek (“Drop it!”)
  • Car traffic

Loose Park

5200 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO 64112

Have you been to Loose Park yet? It’s just south of the Plaza and it’s one of the most scenic parks in Kansas City (seriously, there’s usually at least one professional photo shoot going on every time I’m there). Loose Park is home to a Ponyta nest and has tons of PokéStops all surrounding the park. There’s a cushiony track to walk on around the perimeter of this 75-acre park with rolling fields of grass in between.

Walk through the lush rose garden and check out the ducks at the pond (just don’t feed ‘em). Loose Park boasts four gyms for battling your foes. Grab a picnic blanket and a snack for you and your four-legged bestie because you’re never going to want to leave this tranquil place.

Don’t let your dog eat any ducks and watch out for walkers and runners along the track. Just stay to the right and make sure your dog isn’t going to clothesline anyone.


  • Ponyta nest and PokéStops galore
  • Soft track to walk on
  • Scenic


  • Walkers and runners

Bottom line: if you haven’t been you (and your dog) are really missing out.

Shelter #14 @ Longview Lake

9898 Longview Ct, Kansas City, MO 64134

Oh, Shelter 14. We love you. Our dogs love you. This super-popular Pokémon  spot is just a short drive (or long, whatever) to the outskirts of Lee’s Summit. It is literally a lone park shelter on Longview Lake. It doesn’t look like anything special and there’s only one PokéStop. But holy PokéBalls, there’s some awesome and rare Pokémon  chilling out at the lake. It’s a Voltorb and Magnemite nest but you might as well call it a nest for uncommon Pokémon .

If you have a water dog, she is going to LOVE this spot. There’s a couple of trails that go directly into the lake. You can walk around, hang out under the shelter and just hang out with other Pokémon  trainers (there’s even a sand volleyball court).

Because it is a park shelter sometimes it’s reserved so just be mindful and respectful of people who have reserved the shelter for a private get-together. You can still hang, just not under the shelter.


  •  So many cool, uncommon Pokémon  (Lapras, Onix, Jynx, Machop…you get the idea)
  • It’s a lake!
  • Sheltered area in case of poor weather


  • Shelter is reservable
  • Only one PokéStop (don’t show up with an empty bag)

Stoll Dog Park

12500 W 119th St, Overland Park, KS 66210

Hey, it’s a dog park that so happens to be host to a lot of uncommon Pokémon . It’s a match made in dog heaven. It’s currently a confirmed Jynx nest and other Pokémon  have been spotted like Hitmonlee, Dratini, Voltorb and Snorlax. The best thing about Stoll Dog Park? It’s a dog park! Let that pup roam free while you nerd it up with your Pokémon .

There’s a little forested area inside the dog park that has a bunch of trails weaving in and out, park benches and a doggie water fountain. There’s a PokéStop across the parking lot in front of the playground. There’s even a long, paved trail around the entire park facility.


  • It’s a dog park!
  • Doggie water fountain
  • Uncommon Pokémon


  • Nada

Independence Square

116 W Lexington Ave, Independence, MO 64050

Mix a bunch of uncommon Pokémon  with PokéStops, add a historic Missouri landmark and you have yourself Independence Square. Downtown Independence is host to a number of small shops including Game Cafe and right in the middle boasts the courthouse Harry S. Truman himself served over as judge.

This is a good day and evening spot to hit up but, keep in mind, once the shops close up, so do the bathrooms. You’ll have to drive down the road to the gas station for any food or refreshments.


  • All the PokéStops – about 20 in a three block radius


  • The shops close up early leaving your hungry tummya and bladder to fend for themselves!

What are your favorite dog-friendly Pokémon spots in Kansas City? Let us know in the comments section below.

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