The Kansas City Dog Club is a social club for dogs and humans. We’re a fun mix of people from all over Kansas City who explore everything the city has to offer with our dogs right by our sides.

Members of the Kansas City Dog Club love to do everything with their dogs whether it’s having a beer at one of Kansas City’s many local breweries or simply going for a walk along the riverfront.

Here are the Kansas City Dog Club members’ favorite fun things to do with our dogs in Kansas City. Of course, this list doesn’t cover everything and if we miss something, please tell us in the comments.

Off-leash dog parks

KC Dog Club: Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Kansas City

Visit Kansas City’s finest dog parks spread throughout the entire metro area from Blue Springs to Olathe. There’s an off-leash dog park for every type of dog right here in Kansas City. Our north Kansas City friends love to hang out at Waggin’ Tails Dog Park. Check out Stoll Park, Swope Dog Park or Shawnee Mission Dog Park if you like to stroll through the woods while your dog frolics and explores. These dog parks have plenty of shade coverage and little trails to walk.

Do you have a small dog that likes to hang out with his or her own kind? Leawoof Dog Park and Penn Valley Dog Park offer off-leash dog parks for small dogs. Check out our list of off-leash dog parks in the Kansas City area.

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Take your dog hikingKC Dog Club: Best Places to Hike with your Dog in Kansas City

Kansas City is home to more than 100 miles of trails perfect for walking, hiking, running or riding. The Kansas City Dog Club loves going for a walk on the Trolley Track Trail then stopping for a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants alongside the trail. The Trolley Track Trail is a six mile gravel (and at times, paved) trail spanning from the Country Club Plaza, through the Brookside neighborhood, ending in Waldo.

When we’re feeling extra adventurous we love to hike along the Blue River Parkway Trails with our dogs. This system of trails is in South Kansas City and follow along the Blue River. The dogs love exploring the trails and jumping in the Blue River to cool off.

If you’re going to take your dog with you to a Kansas City trail, check the trail status before you leave on your adventure to make sure the trails are open. Skip the dirt trails if they’re muddy so the trails stay in good hiking condition (there’s plenty of paved walks so you and your pooch can get your exercise in).

Sun’s Out, Tongue’s Out

KC Dog Club: Dog-Friendly Places to Eat with your Dog in Kansas City

Summertime and patio drinking goes hand-in-hand. Add a dog and you have the plans for a perfect time. As a social club, the Kansas City Dog Club loves to find a patio to hang out and enjoy a couple of cold brews with our dogs. Hanging out on a patio is perfect after a long walk in the summer and both you and your dog need to cool off. Most dogs love to just hang out on a patio, and in some cases, prefer hanging out over going to the dog park.

If you’re into Sangria, most Spin Pizza locations have house-made authentic Sangria and large patios for your dog to sprawl. The Kansas City Dog Club recommends going for a walk at Lowenstein Park in Lee’s Summit, then going across the street to Spin Pizza to cool off. After a couple of glasses of Sangria you’ll be feeling those #summervibes.

Another Kansas City Dog Club favorite place to drink with your dog is KC Bier Company in Waldo. This German-style brewery has a huge gravel patio right next to the Trolley Track Trail. KC Bier Company goes out of their way to be a dog-friendly brewery with self-service water stations and feature dog treats from Beer Paws, a local Kansas City dog treat company that makes products for dog lovers who like to drink with their dog (our kinda KC startup).

Eat with your dog

KC Dog Club: Dog-Friendly Places to Eat with your Dog

We have a general rule in the Kansas City Dog Club, if the restaurant has a patio accessible from the outside, we’re bringing our dogs. There’s tons of dog-friendly restaurants in the Kansas City metro. If your dog doesn’t mind hanging out near people and can chill out for an hour or so, take your dog out to eat with you.

If you’re in the historic Westport neighborhood, check out McCoy’s Public House and their new extended patio. For more upscale dining, venture over to Prairie Village, Kansas for Blue Moose Bar & Grill, named Kansas City Dog Club’s favorite place to eat with your dog 2015 and 2016.

Have you ever taken your dog out to eat with you? Dining with your dog is easy. Keep your dog on a leash and bring a portable dog bowl for water (some restaurants have dog bowls). Your dog may get a little restless so bring something like treats or a toy to occupy your dog while you eat. Sounds like a perfect Friday night.

Selfies with your dog

KC Dog Club: Nelson-Atkins Museum is one of Kansas Citys best places to take selfies with your dog

Kansas City is home to many unique awe-inspiring sights. Spend an afternoon exploring Kansas City with your dog. Our favorite scenic spots to take selfies with our dogs in Kansas City are the Sculpture Park at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and Liberty Memorial.

Kansas City is also called the City of Fountains (there’s at least 200 registered). Our favorite fountain is the well-known J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain on the Country Club Plaza.

Watch the Royals with your dog

Bark at the Park with the Kansas City Royals

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Bark at the Park with the Kansas City Royals! This is your chance to take your dog to a Royals game and it only happens a few times a year. There’s dog-friendly vendors, tons of cute dogs to pet and you may get on the jumbotron (we did!).

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Get in dog, we’re going shopping.

KC Dog Club: Dog-Friendly Places to Take your Dog Shopping in Kansas City

The Kansas City Dog Club loves to do everything with our dogs and this includes shopping. One of our favorite dog-friendly places to take your dog shopping is the Country Club Plaza. This outdoor, historic shopping district has outdoor dog bars (drinking fountains) and many of the stores leave out fresh water and dog treats. Many of the stores let your bring your dog inside while you shop.

The rule of thumb for shopping with your dog is that if the store serves food, it’s a no-go to bring your dog inside due to health codes. Be sure to stop by Kansas City Dog Club favorite dog store Three Dog Bakery and treat your pooch to yummy dog treats and cool swag.

Join the Kansas City Dog Club!

KC Dog Club at District Pour House in Waldo

Ok, you’re right! We’re definitely biased about this one.

Did you know that KC Dog Club is Kansas City’s only social club for dog lovers and their 4-legged best friends? Also, KC Dog Club is the only non-breed-specific dog club in the Kansas City area!

Join KC Dog Club and let the club’s awesome Event Organizers find and host all the best dog-related events for your dog-lovin’ enjoyment. Of course, all members are encouraged to share any dog-related event they find in Kansas City.

KC Dog Club hosts 2-4 event each week in Kansas City Dog Club. Our get-togethers range from simple weeknight group dog walks (our most popular events) and dog park get-togethers to hikes with the hounds, attending dog-related charity events and festivals, brunch and happy hour on the patio of Kansas City’s great restaurants (and bars and breweries, of course!), dog-related volunteer opportunities and much more!

Not ready to join KC Dog Club? No problem. KC Dog Club also hosts public events each month. Sign up for the KC Dog Club newsletter and LIKE KC Dog Club on Facebook to be notified of our open-to-the-public events. It is our goal to have two public events each month.

See you soon!

What are your favorite things to do with your dog?

As a social club, we’re always looking for fun things to do with our dogs in Kansas City. Did we miss something? Tell us in the comments.