Kansas City Dog Club is a social club for dog lovers. We’re not an animal rights activist group. We are not a dog rescue group. We’re all about being social. We keep it simple and fun.

That said, KC Dog Club and our members love to support all the Kansas City organizations who are out there every day saving the lives of dogs and helping families in need keep their 4-legged family members happy and healthy.

Many KC Dog Club members regularly volunteer with great Kansas City organizations – here are Kansas City Dog Club members’ favorite dog-related volunteer opportunities in Kansas City, in no particular order.

Spay & Neuter KC’s Pet Food Pantry

Spay and Neuter KC Pet Food Pantry

The pet food pantry at Spay and Neuter KC is a part of their Families Better Together program.

The pet food pantry program is for pet owners who may be struggling to feed their pets. The program improves the quality of care for pets and helps keep pets in their homes with the families who love them.

The Spay & Neuter Pet Food Pantry is 100% dependent on grant funding and donations of pet food.

Kansas City Dog Club volunteers at the Spay and Neuter KC Pet Food Pantry Kansas City, MO location twice each month. KC Dog Club loves volunteering at Spay and Neuter KC’s Pet Food Pantry because it allows us to give back to the community by helping a great organization that helps people and pets who are in need. The pet food pantry gives our club members the opportunity to volunteer every once in a while – and not commit every week.

If you are in need of assistance, join the Families Better Together program.

Spay & Neuter KC has many volunteer opportunities available. Join the Spay & Neuter volunteer team.

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Wayside Waifs

Wayside Waifs Animal Shelter

Wayside Waifs animal shelter holds a spot in the heart of many Kansas City Dog Club members. Many dogs in KC Dog Club were adopted from Wayside Waifs and many of our club’s members volunteer regularly at Wayside Waifs.

Wayside Waifs offers volunteer opportunities in nearly every area of the shelter, including: walking dogs, a dog runner program, dog agility training, introducing the public to their new 4-legged family member, community education, community events, vet clinic, tour guide, and much more.

Learn more about volunteering at Wayside Waifs.

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue - Volunteer Opportunities

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue does not employ any paid staff. The Missouri Pit Bull Rescue (MPR) volunteer structure is established using a network of volunteers who manage all aspects of the organization.

MPR volunteers are solely responsible for the following activities: Managing daily operations of the organization, evaluation and bailing of adoption candidates, screening applications for adoption, supervising new volunteers, writing articles on Pit Bull plights, fundraising, kennel work, education and answering general email, designing graphics and printed material, organizing and attending adoption events, marketing and PR, fighting BSL, conducting homechecks, web site and database management, paper work/files, adoptions and sponsor follow ups, training rescue dogs, socialization, taking pictures and writing dog’s biographies, updating calendars, on-line listings, running errands for MPR and the list goes on…

Get involved with Missouri Pit Bull Rescue.

Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter

Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter - Volunteer

Kansas City Dog Club has member all across the Kansas City metro area, and while Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter may not be one of Kansas City’s most well-known dog-related volunteer opportunities, KC Dog Club members in the northland love FOPAS!

As a smaller organization, Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter offers more in-depth volunteer opportunities than some of the larger organizations. Help transport animals, foster dogs in need, help with mobile adoption events, and plan fundraiser events!

Learn more about volunteering with Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter.

Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption

Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption

KC Dog Club members in the Mission and Shawnee area love volunteering at Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption.

Unleashed offers many volunteer opportunities at their shelter, as well as dog fostering opportunities.

KC Dog Club members really enjoy volunteering with Unleashed’s outreach program. The outreach team focuses on the importance of spay and neuter in lower income areas of the Kansas City metro. Not only does the outreach program answer specific calls on pet neglect and abuse, but they’re also out in the neighborhoods educating and assisting pet owners with food, water, proper shelter, tie outs, vaccinations, and spay/neuter services.

Attend an Unleashed new volunteer orientation.

Great Lakes Caring Pet Therapy

Great Lakes Caring Pet Therapy Volunteer

As a Great Lakes Caring Pet Therapy volunteer, your mission is to take your dog with you and socialize with individuals who are in end of like hospice care.

If you love to socialize and your dog is on the calmer side, the Great Lakes Caring Pet Therapy volunteering opportunity may be perfect for you.

We have multiple club members who volunteer with this program and they all say it is the most rewarding volunteering they’ve ever done.

Learn more about becoming a Great Lakes Caring Pet Therapy volunteer.

Chain of Hope KC

Chain of Hope KC

The mission of Chain of Hope KC is to end suffering and overpopulation of animals in the urban core of Kansas City, Missouri through outreach, educating pet owners on responsible pet ownership, supporting owners who have limited ability to pay for their pet’s basic needs.

Outreach is Chain of Hope KC’s primary organizational function. Outreach is provided 7 days a week, assisting 10-15 households every day. Volunteers search city streets, alleys, and abandoned houses looking for animals in jeopardy. Chain of Hope KC is the only organization in the community doing outreach at this level, their boots are on the ground ending suffering and saving lives every day.

Contact Chain of Hope KC to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Would you like KC Dog Club to Volunteer with your Organization?

Kansas City Dog Club is always looking for opportunities to volunteer with our club. If your dog-related organization needs a group of volunteers, please send us and email and let’s discuss your volunteer opportunity.

Generally speaking, KC Dog Club will volunteer as a group for opportunities that allow our group to volunteer together at the same place at the same time – we are a social club, so we gotta be social! Also, volunteer opportunities that have a low barrier to entry are best – opportunities that require little or no upfront training.

Where do you volunteer?

Do you volunteer with a dog-related organization in the Kansas City area? Tell us about your organization in the comments section